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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 8453-F vs. Form 8453-eo

Instructions and Help about Form 8453-F vs. Form 8453-eo

Welcome to the annual renewal webinar presented  by the California attorney general's registry   of charitable trusts referred to as the  registry in this presentation we will cover   the annual filing requirements of charitable  organizations that operate in California   such organizations are required to renew  their registration each year with the registry   charitable trusts and unincorporated organizations  holding charitable assets are also required to   renew their registration each year registration is  renewed by filing the annual registration renewal   fee report referred to as form rrf1 along with  supporting documents and filing fees we will walk   you through the steps to fill out form rrf1 and  how to research the organization's registration   information online our goal is to make it easy for  organizations to file their annual renewal reports   the Attorney General's registry staff are  dedicated in helping organizations remain current   and in good standing with the registry's reporting  requirements most charitable organizations   operating in California must complete the initial  registration process and renew their registration   each year with the registry the renewal process  requires the filing of form rrf1 every year   form rrf1 must be filed even if the  organization raised no Revenue during the year   a renewal fee with the form rrf1 will also be  required based on the organization's total revenue   the form rrf1 lists the sliding fee scale if the  organization's total revenue is fifty thousand   dollars or more a complete copy of the IRS  form 990 must also be filed with the registry   the form must include all schedules and  attachments that were filed with the IRS   except for the schedule B which does not need to  be filed with the registry if the organization   cannot locate a copy of its IRS form 990 but used  a tax preparer please contact the tax preparer for   a copy of the organization's IRS filing otherwise  request a copy from the IRS by completing IRS form   4506 contact the IRS to...

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Form 8453-F vs. Form 8453-s

Access and explore the Form 8453-F vs. Form 8453-s comparison details. Understand the difference between tax forms to file the right one.

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